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TUF 9 Finale thoughts

A few quick thoughts before heading to bed since I’m going to church tomorrow (heh) and probably won’t be able to post again till Sunday afternoon:

Joe Stevenson proved that his losses have more to do with the quality of his opponents than any shittiness on his part. That, or Greg Jackson really is a miracle worker. Personally, I just think everyone still has that image of him weeping in a puddle of his own blood stuck in the back of their monkey brains. Joe Daddy is the man.

Nate Diaz is NOT Nick Diaz, and therefore they don’t have the same skills or abilities. While Nate is decently slick on the ground, he’s still got shit for wrestling and doesn’t have an aggressive enough guard. In another year or two, I don’t doubt Nate will be the man. For now, he’s still too green to be fighting the top guys in the UFC’s 155 division.

Andre Winner and Ross Pearson tore a hole in the fabric of space time that caused 15 minutes to feel like 1500. Worst fight of the night.

Congrats to Chris Lytle for coming back from nearly getting KO’d by Kevin Burns but goddamn it, would it kill you to be a bit more aggressive and try to finish a fight? I fall for his bullshit every time … I start thinking “Lytle’s gonna get a KO” and then of course he fucking doesn’t because he’s Chris Lytle and he sucks. I hate his stupid guts. Suck my dong, Lytle.

Kevin Burns collects illegal strikes like kids collect Pokemon cards. Three low blows in one night … at least if it was on purpose it would be dickish rather than just lame.

Who the fuck was this James Wilks that stepped into the octagon tonight and what did he do with the meh Wilks we saw on TUF? Despite what you saw tonight, Demarques isn’t a shitty fighter. Wilks was just ON. MMA is full of guys who can hit a home run once every 5 or 6 fights but can’t do it consistently. Is that the sitch with Wilks or did something click with him recently?

No one comes out of this event looking worse than DaMarques Johnson. The dude got fucking tooled.

I’m kinda glad Diego Sanchez got the win … he deserved it overall plus he earned it on the cards. It’s amazing that two judges gave Diego the second round … normally they just give it to the dude on top but this time they rightfully took into account the killer elbows Diego was throwing. Are the Las Vegas judges starting to suck less or was this just the standard Anti-Guida bias that seems to always occur?

Clay Guida needs to cut his hair and go train in Thailand. And when I say that, I mean it in a figurative ‘go train in Thailand’ kinda way, as in switch up your fucking game and learn some new tricks. I love him to death, but I think he’s actually getting worse. His cage control was terrible, he’s eating way more shots to the face lately, his ground and pound was useless and I don’t remember seeing him even trying a submission worth anything. Good chin though. That fucker can take a beating.