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TUF 13: The Coaches of Team BROCKLESNARRR


It’s not a shock that Lesnar selected the main guys from his own fight camp to be “assistant” coaches on TUF 13, and they’re pretty awesome as far as coaches go.  Honestly, I would have been happy with anyone he chose, as long as Cole Konrad and Chris Tuchscherer weren’t among them.  Seeing those porcine physiques for a full season of TUF might be enough to put me off ham.  Tuchsy is a nose ring and a pair of sunglasses away from being Bebop from TMNT.

Anyway, the coaches are Marty Morgan, Greg Nelson, Erik Paulson, Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros, Peter Welch, and Luke Richardson (or, wrestling, wrestling, catch wrestling, BJJ, boxing, and S&C).  Including Lesnar, I think they’ve got wrestling covered.  The only thing lacking is a legit MMA striking coach.  Nelson and Paulson are awesome and all, but it seems like they crank out fighters that only use striking as a means to get into primary rape position.  That could be disadvantageous to anyone on their team that prefers to keep it standing.  Or not.  Does it really matter?  The fighters aren’t there to learn, they’re there to get recognition and win the show.  Actually, winning the show is secondary to just getting their names on the swollen tongues of the drooling masses.  Picking up a couple of sweet new techniques is an added bonus, and the coaches of Team Lesnar have lots of those to share.