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TUF 12 coach rumor mill

Thus far, TUF 11 hasn’t been too bad. The fights have been solid, the contestants don’t make me ashamed to be a part of the human race, and in addition to the “What happened to Tito” mystery, I am also following the “Is Nick Ring gay?” mystery with interest as well.

Past fights that don’t make me want to claw my eyes out, the thing I enjoy most about this season is the fact that it hasn’t shelved any fighters that really matter. Unfortunately, next season may return to the aggravating trend of putting belt holders in coaching slots, tying them up for half a year or more. The current rumor is that Georges St Pierre will be coaching opposite the winner of the Koscheck / Daley fight in Montreal.

Now on one hand, the thought of my precious Georges sitting on the sidelines until sometime in 2011 fills me with fanboy rage. Not only does it render 2010 a complete wash career-wise for GSP, it also doesn’t make much sense ratings wise. Georges didn’t add any pop when he was part of TUF 4, and while we all respect his polite french boy shtick, it’s not exactly something that is going to have people tuning in every week. Having him on the reality show is a waste of his talent and star power.

But on the other hand, there’s not exactly a whole lot for Georges to do right now at welterweight. People are already bitching out the UFC for ‘betting on a fight’ (see how that works both ways?) between Mike Swick and Dan Hardy and having Dan Hardy end up with an undeserved title shot. Now they’re doing it again with Koscheck vs Daley, and wouldn’t it just be great if we have to spend several more months listening to another mouthy British dude with no wrestling ability yapping about how he’s going to shock the world and take out GSP?

While Dana White has said he hasn’t made any decisions yet, Middle Easy has confirmed with Daley’s camp that the idea has been floated. So now we have two things to hope for – one, that Josh Koscheck beats Paul Daley. Eugh, I almost threw up a little bit in my mouth having to offer that up. Fraggle Kos is overdue for another KO and I like Paul Daley, but an entire season of GSP vs Daley would be pretty weak. The other hope: that Jake Shields is 100% free and clear of Strikeforce when his contract expires in two months – which is right around when filming is set to begin for TUF 12.