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Tuesday is D-Day for Dana and Randy

Dana White sounded sick when he talked to Steve Cofield today about the current Randy situation. Or perhaps he was just wearing nose plugs … he is after all in New Jersey. Anyways, some interesting things were said but here’s the kicker:

“We’re gonna meet next Tuesday and have dinner. I gotta know what the end game is … if he’s going somewhere else … did someone like Cuban or one of the other goofballs offer him some obscene amount of money? And I don’t think anyone’s offered him offers to fight because he’s under contract to fight for me. But he could retire and go work for somebody else. Is that the end game? That’s the only end game that makes sense to me?”

There’s already been rumors swirling around that Mark Cuban has poached Randy for a management position with HDNet. As Dana said, this is definitely the most likely scenario. Sure, I’d love Randy to come back and say “OMG Dana I luv u lets get it on!”, it’s not fucking likely.

The problem with dumb rich fucks getting involved in the sport of MMA is they take guys like Randy and Fedor and just buy em out and stuff em into positions where no one gets to see them do what we want to see them do. Do I wanna see Randy Couture in a suit trying to sell me shitty HDNet cards? Am I interested in seeing Fedor fight Pedro Rizzo? Fuck no.

But these rich fuckers don’t have to play by the rules other fiscally responsible companies do. They’re free to do stupid things for no other reason than it strokes their ego to do it. If Mark Cuban is planning on growing slowly as he’s said many times before, does that mean we have to watch Randy Couture spend the last few competitive years of his MMA life hawking amateur Texas MMA? Goddamn it that would suck some gigantic testicles.

  • maafaka says:

    i hope Dana doesnt have his period on tuesday

  • cheezeypoof says:

    Sounds like you’ve found your mojo, Fightlinker! Congrats! 😛

  • steve24 says:

    If I was Dana I would make Randy beg to come back. After the shit Randy pulled (bogus numbers and giving confidential contracts to media) I would have a hard time forgiving him.

  • Trol says:

    I think Randy should serve out his contract and fight. I would love to see him and Nog fight a 5 rounder.

  • Xavier says:

    They’re going to look long and lovingly into each others eyes over steak, remember the good times, giggle like schoolgirls, then head back to Dana’s apartment for a full graphic session of fucking signing a new contract that pays Randy enough respec… uh, money… to have him fight.

    I am optimist. And hopefully put a really gross image in your head.

  • Everyone bitches about the UFC not paying. If Cuban can get Randy to legitimize HDNet Fights and make it a strong competitor to the UFC, fighters will have a choice and choices spell more money for the fighters and better options for the fans.

  • Xavier says:

    More money to the fighters does not benefit the fans. You’re crazy, crazyman.

  • operator says:

    Nothing has been confirmed about HD Net so I’m gonna assume that Randy will not be working for them in management. I am wondering if Randy would be sued for sighning with someone else after the nine months is over and he has not fought his remaining fights for the ufc. If he can go elswhere after the nine months is over I think he will be fighting somewhere regardless. I haven’t given up hope that he will sighn a deal to fight Fedor for m1. I am not sure if he can do that without getting sued but Dana sure wants to make it sound like it is fight for me or retire.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    How does another org result in better options for the fans? By giving me the option of seeing Fedor fight a can instead of Randy? Fuck that, all the best fighters in one org will be best for the fans, so we get to see the best fighters actually fight each other.