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Trouble in Tournament Land

Trouble has sneaked up like a ninja in the darkness for Strikeforce as they prepare for the first regulated MMA tournament in California. Word is that fighter Yuki Sasaki has not yet been cleared by the CSAC, and to make matters worse neither has the tournament’s backup fighter Jeremiah Metcalf.

No word on who’s dog was being fucked at the time this big whoopsie occurred … I mean seriously, let’s think about this for a second: the backup Strikeforce got in case one of their fighters didn’t clear sanctioning … MIGHT NOT GET SANCTIONED!

It wouldn’t surprise me if Metcalf can’t get cleared because of a severe case of ‘suck-itis’ … his record is a paltry 5-3 compared to the rest of the main tournament fighters who have 20+ fight records. For all the Salmon-Heads out there hoping their Frankenberry’s gonna save the day, don’t get too excited yet. The whole affair is pretty messy and there’s no word on how the CSAC will react to all this last second switcheroo madness going on with the card.

Oh, and if Metcalf does get cleared, I bet you anything the guy who gets him in the first round wins the tournament. Nothing like the path of least resistance to a tourney win!