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Trouble in Couture land

Sometime last night Kim Couture pulled out of her May 15th ShoXC fight against Miesha Tate. No reason was given by Strikeforce, but Kim’s opponent  Miesha Tate seemed to have a pretty good idea of why when she sent this Myspace bulletin out:

Date: Apr 28, 2009 7:32 PM
Subject: Kim pulls out…..
Body: So Kim “SugarFree” Couture is pulling out of the fight supposedly cuz her and Randy are getting a divorce………..I’m so pissed right now……Sugar Free my ass!!

Which was followed up shortly after with another message from Tate:

So I misunderstood about what I had previously stated, I have a few friends that train at Extreme Couture one of which told me Randy and Kim were having issues and then she backed out of the fight on me and I was VERY upset because most of you know this fight meant the world to me, it was my big break and I was really upset when I found out and jumped to conclusions. My apologies to Randy and Kim, When I wrote about them I meant no ill intentions and didn’t mean to blast their personal life, I was just focused on the fact I wasn’t going to get the fight. I forget how famous they are and didn’t even think how that might effect them and their personal life which was immature and stress my apology to them and who ever else it may concern.

But since Kim Couture is considered by many to be the Yoko Ono of MMA, the story had already been spread across the nets and everyone is (hoping?) wondering if the Natural’s marital status is indeed about to change. MMA Mania shares this:

While nothing has been made official, there has been some talk behind the scenes that Mrs. Couture’s involvement in Randy’s business affairs may have isolated him from his peers — and that “The Natural” may have drawn a line in the sand regarding her role in his personal and professional life.

And Midsy got the “We will not have any comment on that situation” response from Extreme Couture. Overall, the situation is kinda strange: typically reasons are given for why fights are called off, and in this case we have no official reason was given while a super juicy rumor continues to grow that none of the key people are denying. It’s way too soon to know if this is true, false, exaggerated, or what. But it’s a pretty fishy situation thus far…