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Troll Watch

Chael Sonnen is back behind a keyboard writing all sorts of wacky stuff. Fight Magazine has an ‘open letter’ where he splits his time calling Little Nog ‘sharp as a bag of wet mice’ and reminding everyone that Anderson Silva acted like P4P #1 douchebag back at UFC 112:

Imagine: Your team is on the two-yard line in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, but your star quarterback disregards the head coach’s instructions and calls a play where he throws the ball to a popcorn vendor in the sixth row, then eats a piece of turf and craps in his helmet on the 50-yard line.

Do you know who he’s REALLY mad at? NOT the fans or the opposing team…he’s mad at daddy; he’s mad at the coach!


What causes that encoded hostility?

Is your fighter insane? If he is – and you therefore cannot reasonably predict his behavior – isn’t it incumbent upon YOU to find a way to fix it?

Don’t you owe that to the sport?

To the fans?

To his boss, Dana White?

And lastly… don’t you owe a debt to HIM and his long-term psychological well-being? Shouldn’t you get him the help he needs, before one of his irrational, unexplainable acts causes himself or someone else genuine harm? If he’s irrational and uncontrollable, put him in a psych ward. If he’s fine, prove it by giving a legitimate, rational, explanation for his actions in Abu Dhabi. I’m the one who has to fight him.
What’s going on, exactly?

While it’s still standard Chael Sonnen trolling, I’d like to congratulate him for largely staying in the realm of truth and reality. A while ago he was living in a fantasy land where “that twitter wasn’t mine”, “I’ve never lost a fight at middleweight”, and “Brazilians are piglet savages.” But this time his facts are about 70% factier: Little Nog should have lost that fight against Jason Brilz, and Anderson Silva still hasn’t owned up to urinating in the face of every fan who paid to watch UFC 112.