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Travis Lutter isn’t done with the UFC … yet.

Over the past two months I’ve heard people say the award for “TUF Fighter who Blew it The Worst” should go to Andy Wang or Gabe Ruediger. People have such short memories. TUF4 middleweight winner Travis Lutter is a phenomenal talent who managed to not only fuck up a title shot but his entire UFC career. He’s also probably the unconcious reason why Dana White goes apeshit every time a fighter doesn’t make weight. After the dude fucked up his shot at UFC67, I don’t think many people were expecting to see him back. But word is he’s coming back against UFC newb Ryan Jensen.

But don’t think this means Dana White has forgiven and forgotten. The fact that Lutter is facing a UFC virgin means this fight will most likely be a prelim match. It wouldn’t surprise me if this booking is just about fulfilling the UFC’s contractual obligations as slowly and quietly as possible, so they can then ditch Lutter and forget about him.

  • Jonathan says:

    I think that this is “use and lose” match to finish out a contract…but wait, doesn’t he have the TUF contract…multi-fight and hundreds of thousands of dollars?

  • I’m really not sure … I tried to dig it up, but the main selling point was the title shot, so I dunno if there was a guaranteed contract on top of that.

  • Archivist says:

    Woah! In that pic, Lutter looks a lot like Roark Jr. in “Sin City” if you paint him bright yellow.