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Travis Fulton really is “The Ironman”

‘Fightlinker Jackal’ pointed out that one of the guys in our JackalTV post from yesterday has fought half the guys in MMA. With a record of 185-45-9, that’s not too far from the truth. While I don’t doubt half his fights were against total scrubs (check yesterday’s video to see him choke slam some poor 170 pound taekowndo fighter in half), here’s some of the bigger names he’s fought:

  • Travis Wiuff (x3)
  • Wes Sims
  • Ben Rothwell (x2)
  • Mike Whitehead
  • Eric Pele
  • Joe Riggs
  • Jeremy Horn (x3)
  • Forrest Griffin
  • Dan Severn (x4)
  • Cal Worsham
  • Rich Franklin
  • Evan Tanner
  • Wesley Correira
  • Tsuyoshi Kohsaka
  • Renato Sobral
  • Ricco Rodriguez
  • Kristof Midoux
  • Branden Lee Hinkle
  • Ian Freeman
  • Heath Herring
  • Vladimir Matyushenko
  • Ikuhisa Minowa
  • Matt Lindland
  • Ryan Jensen

Just don’t mind the fact that 90% of the time, he lost those fights against the bigger names.

  • SuperDupaFresh says:

    I think he is at 200 wins now. Sherdog is horrible about updating fighters that they don’t care about. If you go to fullcontactfighter I believe he is at 200 wins.

  • Big D D says:

    Don’t forget Pete “El Duro” Williams at UFC 20 “Battle for the Gold”

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    The guy has been fighting two times a month for the most part of 2007/2008.

  • Accomando says:

    Imagine if this guy had that many fights in Boxing?

    He would have been brain-dead about 100 fights ago.

  • Accomando says:

    Holy shit, out of a total of 239 fights, he has only been Ko’ed or TKO’ed 4 f’ing times!

  • Mike_N says:

    All praise due to Fulton: yeah, he’s a grinder, but at least he’s a successful grinder, unlike some other guys (cough cough Shannon Ritch cough).

  • dignan says:

    Isn’t his record the equivalent of me keeping my hockey stats in practice and/or pickup games?

    After that many fights I hope the guy at least as 500k in his pocket.

  • Steve4192 says:

    “Imagine if this guy had that many fights in Boxing?”

    He’s also got 34 Boxing matches under his belt and has been KO’d 18 times.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    LOL. You think that he would get the picture that he’s not very good, but you still gotta give him props for doing what he enjoys.

  • DannyP72 says:

    The funniest part of his record is that he knocked out the same guy 3 times in 1 month

  • SuperDupaFresh says:

    He is also a racists and deserves no love from anyone. he claims that blacks are the cause of aids. ne.

  • RoB says:

    ^^^and your point is………………………..?

  • Accomando says:

    “…blacks are the cause of aids…”

    Well, that is patently wrong!

    AIDS did originate in Africa. Now, the dispute is whether or not european scientists ( ) actually experimented on chimps for polio (creating AIDS as we know it) which subsequently escaped into the wild only to be eaten or to have bitten someone in the human race, most likely a black person, due to the fact these experiments took place in africa, which in turn caused a worldwide epidemic. However, contrary to the repeated assertions of O’Bama’s pastor, who Barrack defers much of his success too; America did not invent aids, it did in fact originate in Africa, perhaps because of illegal european scientific research on chimpanzee’s. Chimps are too closely related to humans to be f’ing around with deadly illnesses, even in a scientific setting.

  • If Fulton is a racist then he loses whatever small respect i afforded him for having so many freaking matches. On the other hand, we weren’t really giving him any love anyways, just commenting on the number of fights he had.

    Freaking racists. What fucking year is it anyways???

  • dignan says:


    Don’t spread the lies here. Robert Gallo created and coined the terms AIDS, and HIV. He owns the patents on the tests, and has been charged multiple times with “Crimes against humanity.”

    Research him a bit.

    The fact that the CDC has run a huge complex in the African Aids belt for the past 40 years I am sure plays no roll in the spread of the disease.

  • dignan says:

    Here’s more info. Racists are fucking idiots.

  • Accomando says:

    Did some research dignan, as I suspected, you are a complete moron, you “facist”! ha…..

    “…Today it is generally agreed that Montagnier’s group first identified HIV, although Gallo’s group is credited with much of the science that made the discovery possible, and to demonstrating that it causes AIDS. Gallo’s group also was the first to grow the virus in an immortalized cell line, leading to the development of blood tests for HIV and the ability to screen donated blood for this virus……The two scientists continued be at the center of a bitter dispute between the United States and France over royalties from the blood test patent until 1987, when they agreed to share credit for the discovery of HIV. In the November 29, 2002, issue of Science, Gallo and Montagnier published a series of articles, one of which was co-written by both scientists, in which they acknowledged the pivotal roles that each had played in the discovery of HIV.

    Gallo’s team at the Institute of Human Virology maintain an ongoing program of scientific research and clinical care and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS, treating more that 4,000 patients in Baltimore and nearly 100,000 patients at institute-supported clinics in Africa and the Caribbean.

    In July 2007, Gallo and his team were awarded a $15 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for research into a preventive vaccine for HIV/AIDS….”

    Yep, really sounds like there is a consensus that he did it; dignan, never ceases to amaze me how insanely psychotic you are, and in a bad way.

  • dignan says:

    Did you even look at what the article interview I posted said??? Seriously, give it a once over.

    Gallo is a criminal.

  • Accomando says:

    I guess Magic Johnson also would back up that crazy Spanish Scientist who infected himself with HIV from a HIV infected hemophiliac!!, kinda like what Cartman did to Kyle on SouthPark the other day.

    But, doesn’t Magic take a cock-tail of anti-HIV drugs everyday? Why does he look healthy?

    Anyway, if that interview/article is correct, well, then it would seem that AIDS is even a bigger scam than the “man-made” global warming theory and scientology put together.

  • Don’t mind the openly white supremeist views either.

    I would be giving this dope any press linker. Some of the “Ironman’s” best quotes is that blacks should be banned from MMA becausing they’re spreading AIDS when they get cut open. Ya, let’s all celebrate the great accomplishments (although I would call it stupidity, i.e. hundreds of fights) of that guy.

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