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Training in Japan

I noticed this notice posted in the changing rooms of the gym I train at out here.  Haven`t given it any attention before but it caught my eye today and I read it.  It answers a lot of questions about why Japanese guys seem to gas … they overtrain.  Simple.  I`ve included a pic (mobile phone camera only, apologies for crappy quality) and here`s a translation:

For the attention of all Pro and Amateur Shooters
And anyone whose goal it is to become one:

This is a very low and unpleasant subject but – please train every day.  If you`re weak, if you want to win, please train.  The same goes for the strong guys too.  However, please stick to it. Don`t make excuses.  That`s just spineless.  Please train.  And if you can`t do that, please stop being a fighter.

That is all.

And another sign (the shorter one) which simply reads:

For the attention of all fighters:
Are you training?
That is all.

If it doesn`t come across in translation, the tone is polite but very terse.  They make no bones about the fact that the guys are expected to be in the gym every single day to get bested.  Everyone in the West knows that rest days are just as important as training days but I don`t think they have the message in Japan yet.  Perhaps worth bearing in mind that this is Enson Inoue`s gym though – so anything except absolute boneheaded devotion to training and manliness is regarded as weak and pathetic 😉 – but I think its pretty representative of the mindset I`ve encountered everywhere I`ve trained in Japan.