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Tournaments, tournaments, tournaments!

I think all the voices in my head agreed that an 8-man tournament to determine the new title holder in Strikeforce’s only really decent division was a pretty cool idea. Too cool, in fact, because instead of doing that Strikeforce went and booked Jacare vs Tim Kennedy to fight for the middleweight belt instead. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a good fight I’m looking forward to. BUT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN EVEN BETTER IF IT WAS PART OF THE FRICKING TOURNAMENT. Jeez.

But at least the tournament will still be happening in October:

“We always felt that crowning a champion would be the first priority,” said Coker. “We will host a tournament in October. It looks like the first round will take place then, which will lead to the final four in December.”

Former EliteXC champion Robbie Lawler, Melvin Manhoef, Kazuo Misaki, Luke Rockhold, Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz are among those being considered for the eight-man tournament.

Missing in action from that list: Scott Smith (who’s begging to get in) and Babalu Sobral (who looks like he’ll be getting that rematch with Hendo). It’s still a pretty keen lineup, although I find it funny that the most interesting fighter in the middleweight tournament is Strikeforce’s welterweight champion.

In other tournament news, I feel like a total doink for not mentioning that the Strikeforce 135 pound tournament that’s been hanging in limbo since last year has suddenly manifested itself into existence for August 13th (man, August is starting to look pretty sick, huh?):

As first reported here last month, Carina “Beauty But The Beast” Damm, Hitomi “Girlfight Monster” Akano and Maiju Kujala will all compete in the tournament. Miesha “Takedown” Tate has now stepped in to replace original participant Marloes “Rumina” Coenen, who will no longer take part.

Maiju Kujala is in on account of winning a fight on a Golden Glory card back in March, and Hitomi Akano is being paid back for accepting a raping at the hands of Cris Cyborg in April of 2009. Then there’s juicy Carina Damm, who has the special distinction of being the first female pro fighter to pop for steroids, and Miesha Tate, who has a great butt:

I expect to see that butt fight all the way to victory and then get thoroughly kicked by Roxy down the road.