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Torres talks 155

The one big problem with the trend in fighters moving UP in weight classes is that a lot of guys who shouldn’t be moving up want to move up. Such as Miguel Torres, who’s not just looking to jump to featherweight … he’s talking about lightweight!

“The future is bright for 135. I want to fight here for another two or three years, and once I have solidified myself at 135, I plan on moving up in weight.”

Torres says that his reasons for wanting to move in weight are both competitive and economic.

“I can’t fight forever,” Torres says. “I can dominate 135 for the rest of my career and be comfortable, or I can test myself and be out of my comfort zone and try to make more money. I think fighting at a higher weight class, there will be bigger purses, bigger paydays and more high-profile fights. So, I am looking to do that in the future.”

Surprisingly, the 28-year-old East Chicago, Ind., native is looking to leap over the WEC’s featherweight division, and jump right into the UFC’s lightweight division.

“To go to 145, I wouldn’t get a huge bump (in pay),” Torres explained. “But if I were to go to 155 and get a three-fight deal (in the UFC), I am sure I could get a huge increase in pay. And then (I can) always come down to 135 or 145.”

There’s already been a good amount of drool shed at the idea of Torres and Faber eventually going at it, and that’s something I can get behind if Torres wants a challenge. But who wants to watch him get wrestled to the ground and laid on by half the UFC’s lightweight division? There’d be something inherently depressing about watching Miguel get shoved around by random TUF castmates in the UFC.

The smaller you are, the more weight differences make. Having Torres up at 155 where most of the dudes in that division are walking around at 170 pounds or higher just seems insane. I’m not saying I won’t watch it in interest, but considering Torres is the dude carrying the bantamweight division on his back, he’s more important staying down at 135 than coming to the UFC looking like he’s wearing a fatsuit.