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Torres loses off his back

Normally you have to rely on Japanese MMA for some amazing groundwork but we got it here in spades tonight. Miguel Torres put on a mini-clinic on how to grapple off your back … the only thing he couldn’t pull off was a finishing submission, and because of that it cost him the judge’s decision.

The big question coming into this fight was ‘How will Torres handle Demetrious’s mighty wrestling?’ We got the answer after the first takedown: an amazing reversal that saw Torres roll Demetrious right onto his back with ease. The fight featured several more of these – Torres spent all of round 2 and most of round 3 on the ground working submissions or reversals, or submissions that turned into reversals.

Unfortunately for Torres, it’s almost impossible to win rounds off your back. Even though Johnson spent the majority of round 2 and 3 reacting to Miguel’s rolling and subbing, the judges still gave him the decision. I’d be upset, but we know that’s how judging works. We’re basically monkeys, and there’s something in our brain that just equates being on top with ‘winning the fight’.

Plus it’s not like Demetrious wasn’t completely undeserving of the win. His control and ability to keep putting Torres down onto the mat was impressive, and he had the edge on the feet, moving in and out and landing hard shots on Torres. With the fight winding down and the third round available for either fighter to take, he pushed forward and lit Torres up, finishing it with – what else? – another takedown that probably cinched the fight.

Still, he’s lucky judges don’t know how to score shit properly. Because Torres won rounds 1 and 2.