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Toronto shows New York why it’s dumb

We already knew the score leading into final weeks of New York’s legislative session … MMA was down by a few committees and an Assembly vote. While there was an impressive last second rally that saw us get through the Tourism, Arts, Parks and Sport Development committee, in the end it looks like things will die in the Ways and Means committee:

Yet, when the bill was referred to the Ways and Means Committee, Assemblyman Farrell personally subverted the democratic process by assuring that no more Assembly members would get the chance to vote the bill into law.

As the chairman of the committee, Farrell and his office decide which bills make it to the schedule to be voted on. When the bill was first referred to his desk, there were six days left on the normal legislative calendar and Farrell issued a single sentence statement regarding if the bill would have time to be up for a vote.

“We’re looking at it,” Farrell said.

When there were five, four, three, and two days left, Farrell issued the same statement. And now, in the final day of the calendar and very little space for bills to be viewed in the extended sessions, Farrell made a new response through his office.

“We’re still looking at it,” Farrell said, today.

Another Farrell quote that’s become famous around the MMA blogosphere today:

“I don’t think very much of the sport,” Farrell said. “Next we’ll give them clubs with spikes on the end; that will be good.”

Holy shit, that’s a fucking awesome idea. Get the Fertittas on the phone and tell them we’re taking over their ‘As real as it gets’ motto. This shit’s going to be huge!

Meanwhile, The Toronto Star takes a look at the effect of UFC 129 on the city and finds that it sparked mass incidents of children SpikeClubbing™ eachother to death. Downtown is on fire from Front street to Bloor and there are numerous reports of baby eating across the province. Har-dee-har, the lulz. In reality-land, the event casued an unprecidented economic surge:

Overall, Moneris Solutions, Canada’s largest credit and debit card processor, issued a report last month showing a substantial increase in dollars spent in the city on Saturday, April 30, the day of the highly-anticipated Toronto event.

Restaurants enjoyed a 19.2 per cent jump in dollars spent compared week-over-week. Similarly, bars and pubs experienced a 15.7 per cent increase — confirming that in addition to the 55,724 fans at the Rogers Centre, many more watched the popular event outside their home.

The Moneris report also showed a sizable rise in retail spending from people who made their way to the downtown core. Apparel and sporting goods stores saw a 41.3 per cent and a 33 per cent jump in sales respectively.

And many people travelled to Toronto to experience the UFC in person, as evidenced by the 20.3 per cent rise in dollars spent at hotels, says the report.

“Toronto’s hotel occupancy rates were in the high 90s — which doesn’t usually happen in April,” notes Wright.

UFC Canada is finalizing an economic impact report on Toronto’s UFC bonanza that is expected out in August, he says, adding the $40 million estimate of the financial boon to Toronto is only a conservative estimate.

Good on you, New York, for cockblocking MMA in your state again. Canada is happy to take your events and your residents’ money.

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    That’s a big fat mushroom stamp right on New York’s forehead.

    It will be interesting to see what the final numbers are when the report comes out in August and it will be interesting to see how the Reps in NY down play it.

    Fuck New York

  • CAP says:

    I understand the significance of having an event in New York but I’m starting to not give a shit.

  • FiveBoltMain says:

    f ny

  • glassjawsh says:

  • Redping says:

    yeah i stopped caring about this ages ago, can we start posting about mma again now?

  • iamphoenix says:

    new york is nothing but people walking around with clubs because farell just wants the ufc to fit in is all.

  • G Funk says:

    I think the comments section in previous NY & Canada MMA legal posts has shown the interest jackals have…