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Too much Kimbo on ESPN

Yesterday, Bloody Elbow’s Michael Rome at Bloody Elbow got castrated by the MMA community for saying EliteXC was doing a better job of bringing in the mainstream media’s attention than the UFC. While everyone else argues about the inherent value of the Craig Ferguson show and it’s impact on the future of MMA, here’s the guys at ESPN complaining amongst themselves that they’re spending too much time on Kimbo:

On Thursday’s Pardon the Interruption, when Tony Kornheiser teased an upcoming segment about Kimbo, Michael Wilbon asked, “Are we the all-Kimbo network?”

When the Kimbo segment came, Kornheiser did his best to sound like a knowledgeable commentator on the sport. “I know that Kimbo struggles in the ground and pound,” Kornheiser said. “That is a very difficult place to struggle.”

Wilbon replied incredulously, “When you leave the booth — in 10, 12 years, when you leave the booth for Monday Night (Football) — are you going to become an analyst for MMA?”

Ah yes, isn’t Kimbo terrible at the grounds and pounding? He better work on his Brazilian judo or Ken Shamrock could catch him in a sharpshooter!