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Too much on his plate?

I’d thought Randy Couture vs James Toney was a done deal long ago, but it turns out that Randy Couture just filled out the paperwork and sent in his bout agreement for the fight yesterday. Tucked into the bottom of the Sherdog article documenting this oh so momentous event is this fun factoid:

Couture will also juggle publicity duties for the Aug. 13 wide release of “The Expendables,” the Sylvester Stallone-helmed action film, which Couture has a supporting role in.

So let’s recap: the Couture / Toney fight is August 28th. The Expendables comes out August 13th, two weeks before the fight. And Randy is going to ‘juggle’ his training and the pain in the ass press circuit for a major motion picture? I know James Toney is a fat stupid piece of shit and all, but maybe Randy should take a refresher from Tim Sylvia on what happens when you take your eye off the ball with a former world champion boxer in the cage.