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Tonight’s ShoXC rocks

I have been having a hard time keeping up with everything lately, and part of that is not realizing what’s going on fightwise until the day of the event. Today is no different, as all of a sudden I realize that tonight’s ShoXC card is pretty fucking wicked. Here’s the matches I’m looking forward to:

Doug Evans vs Bao Quach: Doug is that really feminine fighter who did pretty well against Roger Huerta back in the UFC. In fact, he’s so feminine that I wanted to go onto and see if I could find a definite adam’s apple on the guy in any of his photos, but those bastards removed his profile page. Bao Quach has a name that is fun to say. That is all. Well, that and he seems to be a sucker for a good submission, which is how I think this fight’ll end: with that chick Doug choking him out.

Shayna Baszler vs. Keiko Tamai: More female fighting! Suck on that you ignorant cunts who don’t ‘get’ it. Shayna Baszler rocks … she’s a disciple of Josh Barnett’s and I’m sure she’s being groomed to take on the winner of Carano/Young fight. I don’t really get what the fuck Keiko Tamai is doing on the card though … she’s 16-14 and has LOST HER LAST 5 FUCKING FIGHTS. Hello, ShoXC booking guy? Stop smoking crack. Kthnxbye.

Poai Suganuma vs Jared Hamman: This is supposed to be the ‘main event’ and I don’t doubt it’ll be exciting. It’s just not the fight I’m most excited about. Hamman is 9-0 and has never had a fight go past the second round. Suganuma has a name that is fun to say. That is all. Oh, and he’s also from BJ Penn’s camp, which meant a lot more to me before Joe Lauzon showed it’s not the be-all end-all of training grounds.

  • koolpaw says:

    No Tama-chan`s records are not so great, but as u already know She is the most entertaining female fighter. its not great mach-up for record but still im looking forward of her challenging Shayna.

    Even its too early for her, She accepted this match-up! thats the most important point. Tama-chan always fights not only opponent, she also fights fans/ viewers With NO FEAR. Its good gene of her mentors Yabushita and Takahasi and their background “Japanese female pro-wrestling”.


    Tama-chan vs. Jan Finney

  • Krazytrain33 says:

    Heh- Youre not always behind, sometimes you are a week ahead!

  • ahaha very true :-p

  • Xavier says:

    I like how the card is “fucking wicked” but the three fights you’re looking forward to you have big reasons for criticism. That’s fucking wicked?

    If that was a Fight Night, you’d bitch your ass off. If the UFC booked some random person that lost five fuckin’ fights in a row, you’d be whining like a big baby.

  • What, was my ‘stop smoking crack’ comment not whiny enough? And yep, I consider it a treat when a ShoXC card has a few good fights, because usually it’s garbage like Thomas Denny vs Malaipet.

  • Xavier says:

    So the secret to praise is consistent and utter mediocrity followed by a flawed card with one or two bright spots.

    So little it takes to “rock.”

  • catch says:

    Fun card. Can’t believe every fight ended in round 1.

  • kentyman says:

    Malaipet has a name that is fun to say. That is all.