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Toney/Couture rumored for UFC’s Boston debut

Forget the Vera decision – THIS is Randy’s last win.

Courtesy of MMA Junkie, it appears that James Toney’s Mushmouthed Shit-talking MMA Express is going to be (brutally) kindly (demolished) welcomed by Randy Couture. Some highlights from the article (Christ, it’s like I have to spoon feed you people, only with a feeding tube in your navel):

* Weight as of yet undetermined (I’m thinking 220)
* Will probably main event or co-main event (and if you think that’s not a strong enough headliner, eat shit)
* This will be the first major MMA event in Massachusetts at the same arena the Celtics call home
* Randy is a legendary mixed martial artist and both are over 40. Preemptive argument-smashing FTW.

We’re going to see outrage over this, but that was inevitable as soon as Toney signed the dotted line, and it would be worse if they matched Toney up against a nobody to get him an easy win (the name “Herschel Walker” comes to mind). We’re either going to see a fascinating example of world-class striking of MMA or the triumph of mixed martial arts over fat, old, diminished boxers. I’m strongly – nay, very strongly – leaning towards the latter. Randy by a TKO that makes the entire sport look evolved, civilized and – this is the important one – the class of combat sports today. If Lights Out is serious, he’ll take his beating and try again with a more favorable match up, but I applaud Joe Silva for making him earn his first UFC win (I’m going to leave out how insanely cynical it is to put a “holy shit, he’s not done yet?” Captain America’s two fight winning streak against the best boxer to ever step in a cage… for now).