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Tom Lawlor’s latest entrance

We didn’t get to see any entrances on Monday’s UFC Fight Night on account of all the commercials and of course the Blue Mountain State shilling. Normally I don’t care all that much – with the exception of main events, I don’t really need to see every fighter walk in to his favorite Linkin Park / Kanye West / Black Eyed Peas song. But every so often we miss a gem like King Mo’s entrance at Strikeforce’s last show and Tom Lawlor’s latest entrance where he does his best Hulk Hogan impression.

Sure, it’s too bad his sponsors didn’t put their shit on a classic Hulkster bandanna and yellow shirt, and purists will decry the mixing of Classic Hulk’s entrance music with Hollywood Hogan era boas. But if you care too much about that too much, you probably need a punch in the stomach and an atomic wedgie for being a giant wrestling nerd.