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Tom Lawlor is going Quebecois

For a guy who’s claim to fame on TUF was drinking Dave Kaplan’s urine, Tom Lawlor has emerged with a surprising amount of promise. But above and beyond enjoying his fights, I’ve been enjoying his weigh-in and walk in shenanigans even more – Seth Petruzelli on a leash, Just Bleed, Harold Howard, Hulkamania, he does something special for each fight. And since he’s taking Canadian Joe Doerkson in Montreal, he seems to be planning on stirring up some Quebec / Canada animosity:

“I don’t think it’s going to be that big of a deal, seeing as the fight is in Montreal and Quebec seems to have their own mindset apart from the rest of Canada,” Lawlor said. “I think there’s enough anti-Canadian sentiment within the province, and I’m going to do my best to win over the fans in Montreal with my entrance and antics.”

So now my curiosity is piqued … will he come out draped in Quebec flags, or is that too easy? With the Montreal Canadiens in round 2 of the playoffs (aka ” target=”_blank”>guaranteed riot territory), wearing one of their jerseys would be another easy way to pander, but also kinda lazy. Something with poutine? The good thing about lazy ideas is you can add them all together to make something slightly less lazy – jersey, flag, and poutine would do the trick, and maybe a diaper made of the Canadian flag to capture that unique cultural Quebecois resentment.