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Tom Atencio really thinks Fedor isn’t fighting on NYE (how cute)

There is an old saying: those who don’t learn from the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them. Perhaps Tom Atencio was too busy rubbing ‘enzymes’ all over his shirts back at the beginning of 2008, because he hasn’t learned anything from what happened to M-1 Global. Or rather, the suckers who made up the American half of M-1 Global.

Specifically, Atencio is going on record again to say that Fedor’s next fight will be for the Affliction event that no longer even has a date:

Affliction Vice President Tom Atencio recently told ( that he has been assured by Emelianenko’s management team that the Russian will not be appearing on New Year’s Eve for DREAM — or any organization.

“I’ve been told actually 100 percent that he is not fighting on New Year’s Eve,” Atencio said. “[The members of Emelianenko’s management team] are our partners. We have extended his contract, and that’s where we’re at.”

Atencio better hope the Russians are playing straight with him. He’s basically putting his name and reputation on the line here. This is all despite the fact that DREAM’s parent company FEG is definitely holding a New Years Eve card and they’re starting to book MMA fights for it. Joachim Hansen vs JZ Cavalcante isn’t too shabby of a start, but you know the Japanese want Fedor and can pay Fedor and best of all won’t be changing their date for the third time.