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Tom Atencio is lying again

Yesterday Tom Atencio showed up to battle rumors that ticket sales for Day of Reckoning were toast. We already doubted him since he’s never been all that good at telling us the truth. The Gilbert Yvel story was a complete fabrication and looking back I think it’s safe to say he lied about why Josh Barnett was replaced with Roy Nelson at EliteXC Heat.

But now we have more than just a queasy distrust towards the Affliction promoter. Some blogger guy did some footwork to see what ticket availability was for the show, and here’s what he found: packs of 10 tickets across the entire arena and very little demand for tickets on sites like eBay and StubHub.

While this information doesn’t tell us if the 2000 ticket rumor is true, it does tell us one thing for sure: the line Atencio used about selling so well they’re opening up more area? Yeah, there’s no way that’s true if you’re still able to buy massive groups of tickets together at every level.