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Tom Atencio: I’m not ‘T-Shirt Guy’

One of the things Dana White is good at is creating memorable talking points and then spitting them out over and over and over again. He’s even better at it than Mike Goldberg … half the time you can’t even tell that Dana is in the middle of his latest rehearsed pitch or diss.

My recent favorite is his branding of Affliction VP Tom Atencio as ‘T-Shirt Guy’. I love it because it brings us right back to high school where we stick people with nicknames that obviously bug the fuck out of them. We used to call our friend Corey “Koko Bear” and that shit didn’t die for like 10 years until he did. We even slipped it into one of the eulogies at his funeral (I think I heard him rolling in his coffin when we did it – LOL).

Anyways, Atencio isn’t quite as good with his snappy comebacks yet, and here’s his witty retort to Dana White’s nickname for him:

“[White] used to wear our clothes,” Atencio said. “He used to wear our T-shirts. Anybody who knows us, anybody who knows this line, knows we’re not a T-shirt company. We are a clothing company. We manufacture denim. We do sandals, board shorts, hoodies — everything you can think of.

“But, apparently (to White), we’re a T-shirt company. Where does that comes from? I think it’s just business. I completely understand. Business is business, and he’s protecting his.”

OOOH, snap! Not.