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Tom Atencio Experiences Moment of Clarity

Affliction VP Tom Atencio seems to be living in a place other members of his company have never even heard of: reality. From

What concerns me a little bit, just to be honest, is just the fact that letting people know outside of the hardcore fans that we have events going on. Even the casual viewer, even the person who knows nothing about MMA, they know UFC and for me, the biggest hurdle is to combat that and let people know that Affliction also has fight events, the entertainment company.

While this is blatantly obvious to anyone not in a vegetative state, it’s still refreshing to hear a guy in Atencio’s position shy away from the promoter-shtick for a minute and reveal his legitimate concerns.

That sounds almost complimentary towards Atencio and company. With that over with, it’s time to point out that the Affliction VP’s concerns involve “letting people know” that the company has “events going on.” I have trouble managing my collection of stripper hair, yet even I have a solution for this predicament: a secret method known simply as “advertising.” It wouldn’t kill the guys running this show to cut back on Big Tim‘s salary and invest the savings into promotion that reaches those people who weren’t going to buy the event anyway.

In any case, kudos to you, Tom. Good luck battling the eight headed monster. You’re going to need it.