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Tom Atencio calls Dana White out

When I heard that Tom Atencio was planning on getting back in the cage for a second fight, I figured good for him. I’m glad he’s still managed to keep his love of MMA intact after getting generally cornholed by the sport over the past year or so. But now he’s trying to use his fight as an opportunity to call out Dana White:

“I’m doing something Dana White won’t do, and that’s fight,” Atencio said at the press conference. “He talks like a fighter, so why doesn’t he fight? I’m stepping up to the plate. And win, lose or draw. I attempted it.

“I don’t ever think [White] would fight.”

“I think the fight that was supposed to be between him and Tito, I don’t think that was really ever going to happen,” Atencio said. “I think that was just a big publicity stunt.”

Pointing to that situation, Atencio had a suggestion for White.

“If he was willing to fight Tito, why wouldn’t he be willing to fight me?” Atencio asked.

I suppose I can’t blame Tom Atencio for using every opportunity he has to raise awareness of Affliction’s ‘battle’ against the UFC. That’s pretty much all the company has left as an angle, and it seems pretty obvious that they’re going to work the shit out of it. And while Tom Atencio vs Dana White isn’t causing as many waves as Affliction’s last bullshit publicity stunt, it’s still another chance to remind everyone that Affliction is still ‘alive.’

Personally, I’d rather just ignore everything Affliction does until they stick a solid date and location on their third event. So long as there’s no date, shit like this just isn’t news … it’s just another attempt to keep the company’s name in people’s minds. We have a better chance of Fedor signing with the UFC tomorrow as we do of Dana White agreeing to a fight with Tom Atencio. After Dana inadvertantly created a big media spotlight on Affliction’s first event by throwing a show of his own on Spike TV the same night, I think he learned his lesson.