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Tokyo Sports exposes K-1 sketchiness

Sounds like the media in Japan is finally starting to cover the fact that K-1 and it’s parent company FEG have been stiffing fighters:

There have been several quotes and articles recently where especially Ray Sefo attacks FEG/K-1.

Sefo says that they still owe him a lot of money and that they owe Aerts, LeBanner, and Golden Glory as well. He also says that during Ishii’s time everything was done properly and that it became crap since Tanikawa took over.

There was even an article on it in the Tokyo Sports newspaper…

Sefo talks about wanting to meet and discuss with other people who haven’t gotten paid and possibly taking action against FEG/K-1.

LeBanner made joked at his media workout for the IGF event, saying that he wants Tanikawa and Inoki to fight. It looks like he has also parted ways with K-1.

Tanikawa went up to first or second place in the most searched for keyword on Google Japan a couple of days ago following all of these articles.

Here’s some more shit talking from LeBanner:

“I am very grateful to master Kazuyoshi Ishii.” (founder of the K-1 was the first to bring Le Banner to the K-1). But after there is a species of clown who appeared. Yes gentlemen journalists you rigolez and you surely understood that I was talking about M.Tanikawa. This person is just a puppet. “I have still not been paid for my fight on December 31 and until Tanikawa is not president, I will not fight for K-1.”

Interestingly enough, that may not be too much of a stretch. There’s been rumors going around that K-1 is on the verge of some sort of serious change. Who knows if it’s true or if the change will actually involve flushing the turds that have run things into the ground. But FEG events are just getting smaller and smaller … if serious changes aren’t made soon, the only change will be that K-1 doesn’t exist any more.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    sketchy japanese promoters… no way. Im suprised anybody wrote about this since its not honorable.

    Heres to mass Seppuku at the k-1 office.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    About fucking time. Zuffa and Showtime have a great opportunity here.