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Todd Duffee might be next for Fedor

It’s time to play another round of ‘Guess which disappointing match-up is next for Fedor Emelianenko!’ M-1 Global’s Evgeni Kogan confirmed with MMA Fighting that Fedor’s next fight will take place in Monaco sometime in June. As for his opponent:

Kogan noted that neither a date or opponent have yet to be finalized, and that the promotion hopes to officially announce both around mid-March.

Asked about reports that Emelianenko would face former UFC fighter Todd Duffee, Kogan would not confirm or deny any individual rumors.

“The search for the opponent is currently in process with a number of worthy candidates being considered,” he said.

The Todd Duffee rumors are interesting in that they actually manage to make the other rumored Fedor opponent – Bobby Lashley – almost sound good in comparison. Duffee also sounds more realistic since unlike Lashley, Duffee will fight anyone even if the offer is a week’s notice and a ham sandwich.
This wouldn’t be the first time Todd Duffee has picked up Bobby Lashley’s leavings. DREAM was trying to set up Lashley vs Alistair Overeen for their Dynamite!! 2010 event but Lashley turned it down for financial reasons. Enter Duffee, who lasted a whopping 19 seconds against his Reemy opponent. Doesn’t that memory just make you oh so excited at the prospect of him fighting Fedor? What a worthwhile endeavor that would be for everyone.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    This is the absolute best opponent for him outside of Lashley.  And frankly Mr. Harkness, this is M1 so there will be absolutely nothing worthwhile about it.  Shame on you for even alluding to the possibility.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    does anybody really even care at this point?

  • Spicoli says:

    Sadly, no. For Fedor to have any sort of second coming or whatever, he needs to train differently and probably drop down to 205 and fight people that aren’t working at walmart or giving handies in the train station for fight opportunities. (the last part is all speculation)

    I wish he didn’t suck and not live up to my hopes and dreams for him. But that’s life. meh.

  • Jarman says:

    The only way this will be relevant is if it’s the hilarious situation of Duffman somehow knocking out Fedor. If Fedor wins, who the fuck cares that he beat Duffee? if he loses….oh, the delicious M1 fail. It’s usually sour and bitter, the worst combo, but that’d be sweet and sour, like my farts after cheap chinese food.

  • Jarman says:

    double post….goddamn i hate my connection/browser/ancient macbook/whateverthefuckiscausingthisruckus.

  • CAP says:

    Just shows how cruel the fight game can be. Everyone was on Duffee’s nuts at first now he omgsuXXors. Duffee is not a bad option for what is out there. It’s not a highly relevant fight but the best M-1 can do. Be happy they aren’t announcing Ricco Rodriguez (yet).

  • Reverend Clint says:

    fedor vs shamrock

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    The slow spiral into obscurity continues.

  • Jarman says:

    The gradual slide into the most dominant gatekeeper of all time?

  • glassjawsh says:

    who the fuck else would you have him fight?

    if you take out ZUFFA (who won’t employ him) and Bellator (who can’t pay his asking price) the top heavyweights out there (according to fight matrix) who he hasn’t already fought are: Eddie Sanchez, Tony Lopez, Peter Graham, Damian Grabowski, Shamil Abdurahimov, Magomed Malikov, Tim Hague, and Tyler East. From there it only gets more obscure and eastern europeany.

    The life of a non-Zuffa HW is going to be littered with these kinds of names because of how thin the division is. dude’s gotta eat (and give 10% of his food to jesus)