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Today is the day nothing happens

Today is the day that the NSAC sits down and looks at the whole GSP / BJ Penn greasing thing. Those of you who thought we’d have to wait until AFTER the hearing to find out what’s going to happen, prepare yourself for some spoilers. Keith Kizer seems to have already made up his mind on things and he shared what’ll go down today with Sherdog:

Kizer said Penn and his representatives have no authority to file a disciplinary complaint against a fellow combatant per Nevada’s statutes.

“That’s my job,” said Kizer. “You can complain to me, small ‘c,’ and then it’s up to me as the executive director whether I’ll file a disciplinary complaint. I explained that to [Penn’s attorney] many times and I thought he understood.”

Kizer, who began his own inquiry into the bout’s between-round behavior the night of the fight, said he hasn’t and doesn’t plan to file a complaint against St. Pierre and his camp at this time. Kizer added that Penn’s camp would have to provide hard evidence to support their allegations that St. Pierre and his camp conspired to cheat, in order to sway the executive director.

Kizer said it his interpretation that Nevada statutes currently don’t support the commission having the jurisdiction to adjust the results of the bout to a “no contest” given the specific circumstances. Kizer said a bout can only be ruled a “no contest” on four different occasions: the scorecards were added incorrectly, collusion occurred (where a referee was paid off), the referee misinterpreted a rule that effected the outcome, or there was the use of non-approved drugs or steroids.

So to sum it all up: Kizer has already decided he’s not going to file a complaint against St Pierre, doesn’t think there’s any remedy according to the rulebook anyways, and seems annoyed that BJ Penn would have the gall to submit a wordy complaint to the commission like he has any say in what’s going on.

Now I’m firmly on GSP’s nuts as far as these allegations go, but I am kinda amazed at how this situation is being dealt with. Is it really too much to hope that the NSAC is going to go ahead and address the issues of lubricants in MMA? Or are these douchebags going to use technicalities to do the minimum amount of work, declare this another ‘no remedy’ issue, and then add greasing to the long list of MMA regulations that need revision at the 2010 rules meeting?