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TKO Highlights

Jake will be filling you guys in with all the details of our TKO adventure on Sunday or Monday, but he’s a video showing some highlights of the fights. TUF vet Noah Thomas’s kick from the ground 1 minute in was pretty slick, and at 2 mins in you get to see a few seconds of Jordan Mein’s heat seeking fists. Mein is only 18 years old and has some sick standup, his fists were coming in from all angles and landing hard every time.

Last but not least Thierry Quenneville put up a good fight against Hatsu Hioki, stunning Hioki several times with strikes. If Quenneville had been able to keep a bit more distance he might have been able to take the fight, but as soon as he came in close Hioki latched on and dragged him to the ground where he got subbed.

Overall, a solid event. (oh and for those who didn’t know, poix-cock = cockweight = bantamweight. I love the french language!)