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Tito’s TUF injury revealed

The Tito Ortiz injury situation manifested itself last night on TUF and it was with a whimper, not a bang. Rather than getting to see some kind of horrible training accident involving spinal trauma, we just hear from Tito that he’s been having some neck problems and the doctors are recommending surgery. They leave the show on Dana’s cliffhanger that Tito pulled out of the fight. Now that it’s all official on the show, Chuck Liddell is finally allowed to talk about the situation and he’s not happy at all:

“It really pissed me off because he knew ahead of time he wasn’t going to fight me. Before the show. I think he knew … he said something less than a week into it on a press conference, on the press conference right before. He said something in an interview. And then less than two weeks into it I got some of the guys from the show, from his team saying he was talking about ‘Oh I gotta have surgery before I fight Chuck’, y’know, whatever. He already planned on pulling out long before the show started.”

The show has Tito returning from a doctor’s appointment with word that they’re recommending surgery, but the idea of him knowing he probably needed surgery but agreeing to be on TV anyways

Tito has had a fucked up neck for almost as long as he’s had a fucked up back, and it’s perfectly possible that the injury got worse and worse as TUF went on. Then again, from what we know of Tito, it’s not like he’d let something like not being able to fight at the end of the season stop him from being on television. As for the neck injury itself, it’s as legit as legit gets – as you can see in the above video, you don’t let doctors slice a vagina sized hole in your neck and stab around with pliers and chisels just for fun.