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Tito’s spine = fused

Typically things in the fight game move pretty slow, especially when they come to Tito Ortiz. While he talks a fast game, business dealings are slow. So I expected the same shit when he talked about getting spinal fusion surgery. He was talking about it on Saturday so I figured maybe he’d have it done in December or something. But nope … he had it done on Monday:

The kicker to this whole story is that the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) denied my claim for coverage of my debilitating back injury OBVIOUSLY acquired in the Octagon. This was the last kick in the gut made by the UFC.

After all of the battling, and allegiance I pledged to them, they now have stooped so low as to not give me the medical care I so desperately needed. I am not surprised at there last effort to hurt me, so I took it upon myself to get surgery in hopes that my fight career will jump back on track and I will be back to the explosive monster I always have been.

On Oct. 6, 2008, my extensive back surgery was performed in Las Vegas by Dr. Smith. It lasted three hours due to the doctor’s careful hand and my densely muscled core that had to be separated in order to get to my spine. My doctor was impressed with my quick recovery, and an hour after surgery I was on my feet and walking to the car.

This is now the beginning of a new era. There will never be a question again about where my heart lies- and that is with my fans.

I am focused on a quick recovery, and I will be back in the cage with a renewed outlook on fighting.

It’s interesting (but not exactly surprising) that the UFC refused to cover the costs of the operation. Sure you can argue that the back issues came from years and years of training more than the time he spent in the cage actually fighting. But that’s still ‘part of the game’, and refusing to fix up one of your former cornerstone stars reeks of abusing a tool to the max and then throwing it away when it’s broken. While that may be all well and good when it comes to a hammer or saw, it’s pretty calous shit when you’re talking about a human being.

Anyone who thinks the UFC would be stupid to fix Tito’s back considering the state of relations between the two needs to take a quick look in the mirror: You are an evil motherfucker. Imagine getting hurt at your job and then having your coverage dependant on what your bosses think of you and your future worth to the company. That’s some fucked up shit right there.