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Tito wants to go broke

Looks like Tito Ortiz wants to be the next Oscar de la Hoya. The more time passes, the more he talks about starting up his own promotion – translation: in his mind it’s the best way to make the most money.

“I still see 3-4 more years of competition left (in me) and I want to build. I want to make a (rival) company neck and neck with the UFC. I think it’s going to be about taking care of the fighters and that’s what I’m going to do.”

No word yet on who gets taken care of more when his event loses a few million bucks. The whole problem with Tito’s plan is that the UFC is the only promotion that’s underpaying their talent based on how much they’re making. Past that you’ve got every other promotion either struggling to tread water or bleeding like a hemophiliac thrown through ten plate glass windows.

I just hope for Tito’s sake that he’s not going to be putting too much of his own money into this. I bet Dana White would pee a little in his pants from joy if Tito lost all his money trying to compete.

  • It’s gonna be Jenna’s money he loses until she leaves him for a guy with a bigger head.

  • Dangerfield says:

    Yea hes gonna have some of that porno money to invest with. Until Jenna realizes how much of an idiot he is and how uninteresting he is when he isn’t fighting Dana White and dumps his ass.

  • kwagnuth says:

    Jenna would be the boss. Dana would use the UFC as his owne personal tool to crush Tito. The fact that Titio hasn’t even started anything and he is already talking about going head to head with the UFC is a joke.