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Tito vs Chuck

No, it’s not another one sided beatdown in the Octagon. This time the game is tonsil hockey, and we’ll see who’s the Wayne Gretzky of that!

Hmm, I dunno about this one. The ducky lips might be good for some, but I’m a fan of tongue over lips. Bonus points go to Chuck for his tender gaze and soft, exploratory hands. I’d award bonus points to the chick for her naughty nurse outfit, but she loses those for taking a photo of herself while making out. That’s just way too MySpace for me.

Everyone loves to give Jenna a hard time, so I’m gonna buck the trend. If she put on about 15 pounds I’d bet she’d look pretty damned good. Besides, you know you’d fuck her. Yes you would. Sure she’s got genital warts. But so do you. Everyone has genital warts nowadays. At least that’s what my last girlfriend told me…

I know I said I’m all about tongue when critiquing Chuck’s kiss, but this is a bit too much even for me. This looks less like a kiss and more like a recreation of that scene from Lady and the Tramp. Except instead of spaghetti these two are eating a newborn baby.

PS: Props to MMA Punch for stealing those pics of his sister macking Chuck and uploading them for us all .

  • garth says:

    one of the funnier comments i saw on sherdog when that snails-mating pic of tito came out was “you know tito’s only with that chick because she smells like cock”.

  • Erin says:

    Jenna would be hot if she’d just gain some weight back. Get some cheeseburgers in that girl and she’ll be fine.

  • Lifer says:

    I wonder if she ever had that botched vaginoplasty re….reeeee…..revaginoplasted? I haven’t heard anything since the 2nd one was proposed so maybe she’s keeping this one on the D-L.

  • Ya gotta remember that most of the shit said about celebrities is a total lie. I seriously doubt that Jenna Jameson has had a vaginoplasty. As amusing as the story is, it reeks of standard tabloid bullshit fodder.

  • Matt says:

    Chucks playing along and wearing scrubs.