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Tito, Tito’s ass, and the talk coming from Tito’s ass

There seems to be a disease going around that is causing people to talk out their asses. Tom Atencio has it, and it certainly seems like Tito Ortiz has it too. There’s still no known cause for this disease, although scientists have pointed out that being a douche seems to make you more susceptible than others.

Over the weekend, Tito was talking about potentially fighting for Affliction or the UFC. Personally I’ve never understood why battered women go back to their abusers, and Tito returning to the UFC leaves me just as confused. Even if (and this is a HUGE if) Dana White was willing to take Ortiz back, you know he’d just be doing it to rub Tito’s face in his failure to break free. Overall, it’s a pretty fucked up situation and I recommend Tito check into a halfway house and stay strong. There are other possibilities out there, Tito! Perhaps you can find a gentleman in Japan who won’t hit you!

Now Tito is still talking about Affliction as a possibility, and is implying that they’re going to end up on CBS. Refer to the beginning of this article if you’d like to know what I think of Tito’s claims. Sure, there’s a slight chance that a deal is in the works … CBS might want more MMA over the summer of 2009, and Affliction is the only half-decent player left. But Affliction on CBS requires Affliction to survive the winter, and I’m betting their bloated body is going to turn up during the spring thaw.

Past that, the network deal offered by CBS sucked a gigantic dick and was just another reason why ProElite went bankrupt. While Affliction proved early that they had no idea what the numbers were like in MMA, I think they’re finally starting to get a handle on the situation. Too bad they’ve already loaded up on retardedly over-paying fight contracts already and have dug themselves into a deep hole. Oops.

Anyways, long story short, Tito is talking out his ass like he’s always talking out his ass. Sure, there might be talks going on between Affliction and CBS but this ‘done deal’ attitude from Tito is just complete bullshit.