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Tito talks quick return

Tito Ortiz still thinks he can bounce back from his second spinal fusion surgery in time to get another fight in before 2010 ends:

“I just got the (doctor’s) release and for two weeks now I’ve been lifting weights,” Ortiz told this week. “My weight is back up to 220 pounds. I went from 200 to 220 in a little bit over two weeks. I’m eating a bunch, finally, and my neck’s healing.”

Ortiz isn’t out of the woods just yet, though and the coming months will be a true test of his rehabilitation.

“I get a little tingling sensation down my arms and the back of my neck but I guess that’s normal because of all the nerves are reconnecting,” he said. “I feel really good, though. The soreness I have now is from lifting weights. I haven’t had this kind of soreness in a while.

“July will really be the test for me because I’ll be wrestling and stuff and starting to get into it,” he added. “On July 1, I’ll start doing jiu-jitsu and start drilling. Nothing live — just drilling to get my body back into shape.”