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Tito talks comeback, Fedor

One of the reasons I’m not the world’s biggest Fedor fan is that I’m sick of all the conversation in the universe revolving around him all the time. Every time some dufus fighter wants some press, just call out Fedor! Everyone wants to fight Fedor! And even if it doesn’t make sense at all, the press will ask about fighting Fedor. It’s enough to make you pull a Brock and simply say “Shut the fuck up about Fedor, motherfuckers.”

If you feel like I do about the whole situation, you might wanna skip this article on Tito Ortiz, which delves into the completely unrealistic possibility of Tito fighting Fedor (at a catchweight or something, duurrr). Instead, just check this one quote so you’ll know how Tito’s recovery is doing:

Ortiz (15-6) is just three-and-a-half months removed from his recent back surgery and says the leg numbness that plagued him over the last five years since fighting Randy Couture in 2003 is gone.

This week, he got the OK to increase his training to five days a week, and is hoping to making a return to action in July with a renewed emphasis on the wrestling style that led him to a three-year title reign.

“I can’t wait to get in there again where I’m not injured and not fighting at 60 percent like when I faced Forrest [Griffin],” he said. “At that time, I was training two times a week and taking five days off. When I fought Rashad [Evans], I got a draw. I thought I beat him, but I was 70 percent. I was a little better but not much. Now that I’m gonna be a 100 percent, I feel sorry for the light-heavyweights in Affliction, because I’ll be taking some heads off for sure.”

Whatever gets you out of the announcer’s booth is okay by me, Tito.