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Tito Ortiz talking out his ass? Never!

Here’s an interesting one … remember how Tito Ortiz declared yesterday that he had signed a mega super blockbuster contract with Affliction? Now everyone is backtracking and saying it ain’t so – Tom Atencio claims he hasn’t even spoken to Tito at all, which leaves us with Donald Trump and the gang saying this (via Trump special council / Affliction CEO Michael Cohen) :

“There has been no substantive conversation taking place with Tito Ortiz. The only conversation with Tito took place yesterday between Don Trump Jr., Tot Ortiz and myself. There is nothing substantive that was discussed other than the fact we are interested in sitting down with him, which we’re planning on doing in the very near future.”

Even for a ‘special counsel’, this is a very carefully worded statement. There’s two possibilities in my mind as to whats up: either Affliction wants the deal to marinate a few more days for contractual reasons (because you know the UFC would love to sue claiming it was unrealistic for a deal to be hammered out in 24-48 hours since their first offer rights expired), or the Trump guys need more time to inform Tom Atencio that they just gave Tito half the company and a whole bunch of other perks to sign.

Either way you can still pretty much count on Tito’s signing being announced in the next few days. Unless this situation is the result of Tito Ortiz talking shit to force another organization’s hand, or something equally retarded. He is pretty dumb, after all. Anyways, as more comes in we’ll give you the heads up.