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Tito Ortiz: Still not signed

Am I the only one who thinks that by the time Tito Ortiz actually agrees to get back in the cage, he’ll be half the star he used to be? Sure, there will still be a group of ‘casual fans’ (aka ignorant people) who will forever mark out to Tito the same way they do for anyone with Gracie or Shamrock in their name. But when the only notable moment of your career since getting stopped by Chuck in 2006 is an appearance on Celebrity Apprentice, then that ain’t good.

Still, Tito (along with Gina) holds the key to getting Strikeforce onto CBS. After all, networks are also controlled by ignorant people who still mark out to the Titos, Shamrocks, and Gracies of the MMA world. So we have to pretend like we give a shit what happens to Ortiz when in truth I’d rather just ignore him until he inevitably crawls back to the UFC for a few extra bucks and a hug from Lorenzo Fertitta.

But for now, here’s the latest buzz on Tito’s free agency status.

Ortiz was cageside for Saturday night’s “Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz” in San Jose, Calif. The “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” was also a featured speaker at the evening’s post-event press conference where it was revealed he is “in dialogue” with the company.

“We are in dialogue, and we look forward to Tito fighting for Strikeforce,” Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker said. “We’d love to have him here in San Jose. I think our fans would really appreciate Tito fighting in San Jose.”

Following major back surgery in late 2008, Ortiz said he’s about six months from being ready to compete again.

If you’re expecting Tito Ortiz to return to the cage in a flurry of massive superfights that elevate Strikeforce to the next level, I have bad news for ya. Above is the ‘altercation’ between Tito and Babalu from the weekend, so you’d figure that would be a good warm up fight for Tito. But nope, Tito actually wants a warm up BEFORE facing off with Babalu. So it’s six months before Tito can fight a warm-up so he can then fight Babalu and then *maybe* someone interesting after that.