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Tito Ortiz passes on Affliction

Tito Ortiz was out at some event in Mississippi this weekend and as usual he can’t fucking talk straight to save his life. Here’s what he said when the interviewer asked the loaded question “How you doin’?”

“Not much I come out to Mississipi and be a part of this show for a promotion (Reese’s of course), and can see some young fighters up and coming so nice to be my recipient get a lot of support a lot of fans I have out out here so this opportunity I bring for myself kinda bring the fanbase around me as always.”

Tito also mentions his new twin boys before saying he’s ‘passed’ on Affliction and is now looking at Showtime /CBS. Typically we completely ignore what Tito says when it comes to the promotions he’s going to fight for, but this time it’s a bit important. With Affliction talking about running their third show against UFC 100, everyone figured that Tito Ortiz was a perfect fit for the card. He’s one of the few names that could float the show, and he hates Dana and would do anything to throw a wrench in his plans. Well … everything except take a pay cut or something.

So here’s a question: since we ignore Tito when he talks about fighting for someone, do we also ignore him when he claims he’s NOT fighting for someone?