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Tito Ortiz is out till May

Adding to the list of marquee fighters you’re not going to see very often, Tito Ortiz has made it official that he doesn’t plan on returning to the Octagon until May:

“I spoke to Lorenzo (Fertitta), and it looks like in May,” said the former UFC light heavyweight champion . “They’re going to wait until May, so the next Cinco de Mayo weekend will be Tito Ortiz’ next fight.”

Yeah, I know: you all hate Tito. Hell, I’m not exactly a huge fan … the guy’s like MMA’s answer to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hella lame. But I’m not gonna deny the fact that this guy’s got draw. And if you are, try to continue after BloodyElbow’s newest add Michael Rome spells it out for you:

When Tito Ortiz returned to the UFC and fought Forrest Griffin, the show broke the UFC PPV record set two months earlier by Liddell/Couture 3.   Months later, when he fought Ken Shamrock in July, following TUF 3, the fight once again broke the UFC PPV record.   Two months later he fought Ken Shamrock on free TV, and set a TV ratings record in the main event that still stands today.   Finally, 2 months later, he set yet another all time UFC PPV record with his title fight against Chuck Liddell.

Say what you will about Tito, but you put him up against a good name and he’ll fill the bank with money. I have no fucking idea what the UFC was thinking putting him against Rashad Evans … I suppose they thought Tito would make him a star like he did with Forrest Griffin. All in all, it was a fucking waste of everyone’s time and didn’t exactly help the UFC’s bottom line either.

But if they match Tito up with someone like Wanderlei Silva or Shogun Rua for May (another big IF is if he’ll accept those fights), you better believe it’s gonna be big business. And hey, as an added bonus we might get to see Tito destroyed!

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    May huh?

    Forrest out until April…I smell a rematch.

  • schmengee says:

    I could have sworn that I saw a quote from Silva saying Tito’s back was a mess and his career was hanging by a thread…maybe the UFC is giving Tito ample time to heal and they’re crossing their fingers that he’ll be healthy enough in May to get back on track and mix up the division…with Forrest no less…

  • frickshun says:

    If he really did have serious injuries that caused him to look seriously mediocre in his last few fights, I might be interested in seeing a Griffin rematch. It was a decent fight & considering Griffin’s remarked improvement in his last fight. His conditioning was great & his wrestling looked better too (thank you Mr. Couture). As much as hardcore fans try to deny it, we need guys like him to bring the advertisers & future TV deals.

  • I’m taking him at his word about the injuries hindering his performance in all his 2nd and 3rd rounds because when you watch them back you can totally see it. So I’m still a fan for now but if he comes back at 100% in May and still puts on a boring show then I’m out of the Tito fan club for good.

  • Random Acts Of Kindness says:

    Tito will be back and bettar than evars!!!1 He’s up in the (mentioned too often) “Big Bear” and is using Jenna’s steam-room to help him cut weight. If his ground and pound doesn’t get him victory in April, Jenna’s contagious legion of crotchcrickets will surely plague and defeat his opponent at a later date.

  • frickshun says:



  • Jersey Tomato says:

    Pumpkin Head could be out until October for all I care. He may fill Dana White’s pockets with gold but he is just another boring ass fight to me. So for all you Tito nut-huggers: lick my sweaty balls!

    (God, I love this site. You can talk smack and you won’t have some bonehead at Junkie reprimanding for not being civil.)

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    The Forrest – Ortiz fight wasn’t bad, go check it out.

    I think Forrest wins the rematch easily if Ortiz shows up the same way though. Evans was painful to watch.

  • Foreskin Face Pete says:

    the ultimate subliminal bitch-slap from dana: bring tito back on cinco freakin’ de mayo. what’s next, no title shot for karo until armenian genocide remembrance day? fer fecks sake, jerry.

  • Foreskin Face Pete says:

    and before someone tries to piss on me, i’m from california and there is such a thing among the armeniaks or whatever the hell they’re called. wikipedia that shit i said.

  • haha gold

    but i thought every day was armenian genocide day?

  • Jonathan says:

    We are basing our opinion of Tito Ortiz on his early career when he was fighting 3-4 times a year. That Tito is LONG GONE, and has been replaced by the Tito that we know about today. Times have changed, and Tito has not changed with them.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Every day is Kasimir Pulaski day.

  • his head sure has gotten bigger

  • dignan says:

    Tito vs. Matt Hamill.