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Tito Ortiz is a double-daddy

After weeks of half-assed speculation, it’s finally official: Jenna Jameson is pregnant with Tito’s babies. Yes, you read it right … babies – plural! I was actually wondering how the couple managed to coax Jenna’s dusty womb into procreating, and now I can make the irresponsible assumption that they totally 100% used fertility drugs. For sure. Those things often have the wacky side effect of making you so fertile you end up breeding a whole litter, just like a pig or other random farm animals. Ain’t science great?

I’d also like to point out that Jenna with two babies inside of her is still only as big as most average girls after a few weeks of the old binge and purge. I’m hoping she’s doing nothing but sitting at home stuffing her face with food. The chick was a fucking stick just a few months ago … she literally looked like someone took a holocaust survivor and pumped a shitload of collagen into their lips.