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Tito Ortiz is a bad girlfriend

Man, don’t you get the feeling that Tito is getting passed around like the least attractive cheerleader at a frat party? First he said he was with Affliction. Then he hinted that he might be courting EliteXC, and when he died, Tito said he would be willing to date the UFC again. He is literally the whore of MMA now, so it’s really no big surprise that he’s calling a press conference tomorrow to announce a possible deal with Affliction.

Now as used up and busted as Tito is, he’s still a name, which allows him to do this sort of annoying act. I’ve yet to actually personaly meet a fan of Ortiz. I suspect that every single one of them lives in California, beats their wives, and mastubates to motocross videos. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m picking whoever he’s fighting. Yeah, I don’t know who it will be, but my money’s on the other guy.