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Tito Ortiz bails out a wannabe murderer

Ultimate Fighters are pretty generous. I dunno if they just have a soft spot for people or they’re bad at money management … or both. But if you’re in a bind and have a rich MMA buddy, they might just help you out. Even if you’re a crack addict who tried to have your son whacked for insurance money like Keith Harriman, who Tito Ortiz just posted nearly $500,000 in bail for:

Keith Harriman is charged with 12 felony counts and accused of planning to have his son, 27, killed as part of an insurance fraud scam which failed when the son testified against him. Harriman’s son also slept with his father’s ex-wife, which has been put forward as a second motive.

Ortiz has a relationship with Harriman’s brother, who reportedly brokered a deal between Ortiz and UFC president Dana White when the two became estranged and fell out.

Harriman’s son was shot nine times in August last year as he stood outside the used car dealership he worked at with his uncle, Harriman’s brother. He claims his father has a serious crack cocaine addiction and that the shooting was part of a scam claiming a $160,000 insurance payout for robbery.

Harriman’s daughter has previously testified that her father had “told her he was sending black men to kill Dominick Harriman and warned her not to stand near her brother when he was at work,” according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Jeez, I’d hope my sister would feed that information to someone BEFORE I got shot nine times. Although maybe she told her brother but that ‘black men’ part was a ruse, so when those Korean gangbangers showed up he was unprepared. And here we were thinking Keith was just a racist when he was actually a genius at obfuscation.