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Tito Ortiz adds comedic value to Affliction commentary

So yesterday Tito Ortiz was at the Affliction press conference, and everyone was buzzing about the possibility that he might have signed with the embattled shirt company. But after about a million false signings, I wasn’t about to pay that much attention any more. Even if Tito HAD finally decided to stop dicking around and sign with Affliction, it’s extremely doubtful that the company is going to be around by the time he recovers from back surgery in July. And that’s IF he recovers from his back surgery in July. Too many maybes right there for me to give a shit.

Anyways, it turns out that the reason Tito showed was that he will be a color commentator for the event, which should make the event piss-yo-pants funny (if it happens … fuck I’m a grinch aren’t I?). While Tito used to be able to string coherant sentences together, it seems like the bigger his head gets the dumber he sounds. At this point, every time he opens his mouth he rapes English so bad that Shakespeare hits 200 rolls per minute in his grave. Let’s hope he goes for broke and has his girlfriend take down the notes for the night. There’s nothing better than watching idiots try to be smart. That’s why you guys like this site so much, right?