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Tito is so getting fired

He didn’t come right out and just say it, but all signs point towards Dana White firing Tito Ortiz after his decision loss to Matt Hamill:

“I think the fight tonight was [about] Tito Ortiz’s relevancy in the light-heavyweight division,” White said during a post-fight interview on ESPN’s MMA Live. “I don’t know the exact number, but he’s lost like four in a row. And I think we know what happens when you lose four in a row in the UFC. This is the big leagues, man.”

He should have said ‘This is the big league’ because it ain’t like last time where there were several suitors for Tito to be wooed by. At this point it’s basically a choice between retirement, Strikeforce, or throwing all of your pornstar wife’s money into a burning pit trying to make your own promotion. Two out of these three options can be watched to the soundtrack of Yakety Sax. Let’s see if Tito can guess which ones!

  • Reverend Clint says:

    even though i hate the giant headed retarded I’d like to see him fight in strikeforce against Mo

  • Márcio says:

    Strikeforce is too competitive for Tito but I can see him at shark fights or mfc.

  • SST says:

    I’d like to see him continue into obscurity.

  • subo says:

    Even a shot Tito would destroy the precious Mousasi hype. I just think Strikeforce is tired of overpaying over-the-hill fighters to lose (Fedor, Hendo)

  • Márcio says:

    ^ Nice trolling.

  • SST says:

    Is Subo stalking all my posts? Gotto agree with Marcio.

    Troll, troll, troll your boat.

  • agentsmith says:

    Subo, you would seriously bet on Tito over Sweet Sassy?

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    New glyph and enchant system

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    Finally, for all of you engineers out there, be sure to get new enchants for your cloak, boots and gloves. Our engineering tinkers now stack ugg with enchants, so you can toss Cat’s Swiftness on your boots and Major Agility to your gloves without losing your engineering perks. I suggest buying your glyphs and enchants from friends or guildmates, as prices are likely to be incredibly inflated after the patch comes out.

  • subo says:

    That depends: can Tito wrestle?

  • agentsmith says:

    Yes, but not like King Mo. When was the last time you were impressed by Tito’s grappling?

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  • Reverend Clint says:

    yes thank you wify

  • doyletamlin says:

    I thought Tito handled the situation like a man. I’m going to trade in my Affliction shirts for Team Punishment. Unless your his doctor how can you assume he does not have a serious injury. Your neck and spine isn’t a hurt knee…
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  • Reverend Clint says:

    spam in german?