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Tito has a press conference

Tito Ortiz is out of jail and hitting back at his (ex) girlfriend’s accusation that he “threw [Jenna] into the bathtub and tore two ligaments in [her] shoulder.” He claims he never touched her and blames the whole thing on a freakout due to Jenna relapsing into Oxycontin addiction. Unfortunately (or, rather fitting) for Tito, his lawyer don’t speak that good in the publics and strung together this poor sounding sentence during the press conference:

“We are here because unfortunately Jenna Jameson has been fighting a battle with Oxycontin addition for well over a year,” Matthews said. “For Tito and his family this has been an uphill battle. Unfortunately this morning, Jenna had a relapse and suffered the consequences of that.”

So congratulations Mr Superstar Lawyer for making an ominous statement that made it sound like Tito roughed up Jenna while trying to convince people he didn’t. You get a gold star. As for the oxycontin defense, it might be a bit stronger if Tito hadn’t recently cried wolf with Chuck Liddell’s imaginary alcoholism problem.