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Tito deal too crazy even for Affliction

Originally when Tito announced a groundbreaking deal to fight with Affliction that was later denied by everyone in the promotion, I figured people were just lying for business or political reasons. But now it’s becoming very clear that there’s a much dumber answer: Tito probably just expected Affliction to sign whatever he wanted, but now they won’t.

As of yet, few details on the negotiation exist, but Atencio initially said the dollar signs associated with the record-breaking contract are the major sticking point.

“We’ve got a contract, and it’s just not feasible,” Atencio said.

It’s not surprising that Tito is probably expecting boxing money rather than MMA money. And it’s not exactly his fault that he expects he can get it … everyone is still laughing at that 800k Tim Sylvia made on the first Affliction show. I swear, that shit will drag behind Affliction like a boulder on a chain attached to their twig n’ berries until it eventually drowns them. No one with half a name is gonna want to be making less than what Timmy got to lose now, and Tito is probably expecting a shitload more plus equity in the company – the t-shirt company if he’s smart. Mind you he’s not, but he is a greedly little bastard, so you never know.