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Tim Sylvia vs some guy, coming soon

The Tim Sylvia downward spiral tour continues with the next stop being Council Bluffs, Iowa on September 18th. His next opponent: Jason Riley, who depending on who you believe is either a 50 year old former CFL star (come on, MMA Weakly) or an up and coming 6-1 fighter from Ohio. I’m gonna assume the latter, although the idea of Timmy attempting another inter-sport senior citizen assault was a pleasant thought while it lasted.

Ya know, Monte Cox might be a pretty decent manager (I have no recent evidence to support this, mind you) but his matchmaking sucks dick. He’s got Tim Sylvia headlining another one of his cards and keeps matching the poor bastard up against opponents without an upside. If Tim beats this 6-1 dude, who gives a fuck? If he loses, he’ll never hear the end of it.

Even if this fight is just supposed to be a confidence booster for Sylvia, it’s still stupid. It’s not like there aren’t several dozen washed up name heavyweights floating out there on the verge of sucking dick to pay bills. Why didn’t Monte pick one of them?