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Tim Sylvia may be someone else’s problem now

Goddamn is Big Tim a stupid idiot. News swirling around the guy is that he’s about to leave the UFC, presumably to take over the role of overpriced heavyweight fighter for whatever the fuck M-1 Global is going to call itself down the road.

Here’s my prediction on what’s happened: Even though Tim has one more fight on his contract, I bet the UFC has released him. Why would they do something so seemingly benevolent? Because they recognize Syvlia is more trouble than he’s worth: he’s unpopular, expensive, and he beats more exciting fighters and makes them look terrible.

Why wouldn’t Dana White want someone like Tim Sylvia fighting for M-1 Global, costing them big buck and boring the shit out of people? Tim Sylvia would be a minimal draw at best on a non-UFC PPV … the only reason people *might* tune in is if Monte Cox books him against someone who’s likely to actually whup his ass. And the only guy I can think of who’s not Russian or fighting exclusively for the Japanese is Josh Barnett, another big money low return fighter.

Long story short, I think the UFC has basically let Tim go so that whoever picks him up bleeds a lot of money for very little return. Monte, Gary, whoever ends up picking him up … doesn’t matter. They might as well put 150k in a pit and set it on fire for an accurate idea of how well Tim will do for their business.

  • clint notestine says:

    The Man Yak is on the out and out.

  • Foojita says:

    I love how there is a Wendy’s in the distance.

  • Xavier says:

    It’s because in the picture, he’s running to the Wendys and gets too tired to actually make it.

    Tim Sylvia vs. Kimbo Slice, book it please. That way, no matter which loses, it’ll be an improvement in the MMA scene.

  • j says:

    More Tim Sylvia beat downs please. I love to see Tim Sylvia lose in the UFC which is what I think he’ll continue to do if they keep him there.

  • Accomando says:

    Great headline.

    Good bye Swamp-thing.

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    You’re brutal :)

  • twankydawg says:

    I have to disagree with most everyone here. Tim is a top 10 HW and the UFC needs top 10 talent in the HW division. He’s a tough fight for anyone and good test of where a fighter is at skillwise. With that said, he’s got an overinflated sense of self worth and I really don’t believe anyone will pay him more than what the UFC is paying him, and I believe they have the option to match any offers. Depending on who it is making the offer, I could see them matching it. If it’s someone who’s irrelevant like M1 or whatever the fuck they are, they’ll probably let him go to help sink their ship!

  • Chuck says:

    i never really got on the hate tim bandwagon, he’s a dork and can put on a boring fight but when he’s fighting aggressively he can be pretty entertaining..

    at least now we can see him dominate Fedor as was his destiny all along.

  • clint notestine says:

    Tim might be a top 10 HW but thats like being the prettiest Denny’s waitress, quote from Doug Stanhope.

  • twankydawg says:

    clint notestine said “Tim might be a top 10 HW but thats like being the prettiest Denny’s waitress, quote from Doug Stanhope.”

    twankydawg says “get a fucking clue dude, top 10 is top 10. your comparison would work better with saying something like ‘being the ICON sport MW champion is about like being the prettiest Denny’s waitress’ trying to compare a top 10 fighter to something mediocre like that screams MY NUTS HAVEN’T DROPPED YET!”

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    LOL, kind of looks like he’s crying. Maybe the frosty machine was broken.

  • Cam says:

    I agree with Chuck. The man’s personality can be annoying as hell sometimes and some of his matches are more effective than sleeping pills, but the guy is a legit top 10 HW.

    Josh doesn’t want to come back. We all know from the M-1 mess that Fedor’s people are insane and/or retarded. What other big names are out there for them to get? Kharitonov?

    The UFC’s heavyweight division is already thin as hell and losing Tim, no matter what you think about his matches, doesn’t help at all.

  • dandeman says:

    Hmm Top ten reason Dana White let Tim Sylvia go;
    10. He shits his shorts
    9. He lasted only 18 seconds on the ground with Big Nog
    8. Matt Hughes got tired of him saying, “will you be my friend?” “Will you be my friend?” Will you be…
    7. Since regaining the title and losing it he has forced UFC fans to suffer through 90 minutes of plodding nonsense. Thats 1hour and 1/2 I will never get back
    6. Monte Cox is his manager
    5. He shits his shorts.
    4. With one punch he turned Arlovski into a bitch.
    3. He tried to give Dana White his recipe for Roatisserie Squirrel
    2. Every PPV he kept showing Anderson Silva the Blue Collar ComedyTour, thus marking certain death for each Middle weight contender
    Finally the number one reason Dana White Let Timmy Go
    1. He Shits his shorts.

  • kermit.01 says:

    he may be a huge boring load, but thats the fun. How can you not enjoy watching him lose?

  • Accomando says:

    “…Tim Sylvia may have talent but he’s a boring striker with a cautious style (well he wasn’t always boring)…”

    Tim needs steriods to be a great fighter. A Tim Sylvia on steriods is no-one to fuck with.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    But when Tim wins, the fans lose. And unfortunately, Timmay is going to win more often than not because his tactics work on most heavyweights. Whenever he wins, he’s unbearable to watch. It is crazy that the UFC’s dominance of the heavyweight division is gone though.

    Current top 10 picture (MMAweekly)

    Fedor : Free Agent
    Nogueira: UFC Champion (not officially but Randy won’t come back)
    Couture: Doesn’t want to fight for the UFC
    Barnett: World Victory Road
    Sylvia: Free Agent, linked to whatever M-1 Global is going to call themselves now
    Arlovski: Free Agent
    Werdum: UFC
    Gonzaga: UFC and over-hyped
    Cro Cop: DREAM
    Aleks: Free Agent? HCF?

    So right now the UFC only has THREE top 10 HWs. Nogueira, Werdum and Gonzaga (who is over-rated). That’s pretty fucking sad. But of course, the rankings are only something that the hardcore fans care about anyway. Fedor, Barnett, Sylvia, Cro Cop and Aleks are all guys that the casual UFC fan doesn’t care about. Couture is the only guy they care about. Arlovski maybe too since the fans in Ohio loved him but his reptuation has taken a hit.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Do you guys think that maybe Tim Sylvia could be a marketable freak show in Japan? I just thought of this possibility. But he probably isn’t big enough to pull it off. Giant Silva, Hong-Man Choi, Zulu and Bob Sapp are all 350+ pounds and Tim Sylvia is probably 280-285 pounds at his natural weight.

  • JoshMan says:

    That big, goofy mofo IS someone else’s property now.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    On InsideMMA it was announced that Tim Sylvia signed with Adrenaline MMA (the new name for M-1 Global). As did Ben Rothwell. God Adrenaline MMA is such a shitty name.

  • GRD says:

    Tim Sylvia is a great fighter. His last 2 fights were quality.

    He almost finished Nog, and looked fantastic in that fight.

  • fightlinkerReader says:

    Does Monte Cox represent Tim Sylvia’s best interests or m-1’s best interests?

  • Allah Ackbar says:

    “Do you guys think that maybe Tim Sylvia could be a marketable freak show in Japan? I just thought of this possibility. But he probably isn’t big enough to pull it off. Giant Silva, Hong-Man Choi, Zulu and Bob Sapp are all 350+ pounds and Tim Sylvia is probably 280-285 pounds at his natural weight.”


    How can you forget to mention a possible Minowaman vs. Sylvia trilogy. Throw in Sakuraba for good measure.

  • fightfan says:

    Sure Big Tim is a top 10 Heavy. I will agree. I will also say that anyone with any kind of athletic ability AND is 6’8″ 280 lbs could also be with some effort.

    I dont think Tim would be successful if he were 5’10” and a WW or MW.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    I have the same concern fightlinkerReader. Working for a promotion where your manager is the president is a conflict of interest. You have to question whether he has Tim Sylvia’s best interests at heart. Even if Sylvia is going to make more in Adrenaline MMA. Monte Cox is a reputable man but the conflict of interest still makes him suspect. I also question Monte’s judgment for having Fedor sign a letter of intent, tell everyone that he’s with M-1 Global and then backing out FIVE MONTHS later because “we can’t afford to pay $2 million per fight for Fedor.” Why was Monte Cox OK with bringing in an expensive Fedor in the beginning but not now?

  • schz says:

    Josh Barnett low return?

    It depends where he fights, hes nowhere near low-return in japan. Hes more popular the jon bon jovi semen in jersey.

  • Yeah Barnett = God in Japan

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Barnett = high return in Japan (at least I’d think. Though Zach Arnold gives the impression that very few gaijin are actual draws in Japan. Though PRIDE was heavy on gaijin content, more than HERO’s, and PRIDE had success for awhile so they must have done something right with all those foreigners). But Barnett = lowish return in US (well he’ll bring the hardcore fans in but that’s about it). Barnett hasn’t fought in the states since he beat Couture in 2002 on the roids, three years before the TUF n00bs got into the sport.

  • Actually he fought someone for the first US Pride show … was it Pawel Nastula? I think so. He cleared a steroid test in order to get re licensed.