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Tim Sylvia on the lookout for non-bum opponent

I realize that half the posts today all quote (formerly MMA Fanhouse), but what can I say, they’ve quickly become one of the best MMA blogs out there. With Midsy on vocals, Ariel on guitar, Esther on bass and Casey on drums, they’d make one hell of a rock band. Oh, plus they have Mike Chiapetta, who has a funny last name and writes good stuff too.

Anyways, today we have more news on Tim Sylvia: his fight with ‘journeyman’ Branden Lee Hinkle (note: journeyman is what they say when you’ve been around forever and your record is slowly but surely creeping towards .500) was canceled, possibly by the request of Tim himself. On top of tweets where he documents in real time how many animals he’s killed out in the wilderness, he also shared some thought on that fight:

That’s some nice piss and vinegar, and if it means getting back to his Carwinesque era circa 2001-2005 then I might be able to find it in myself to watch Timmy fight again. But Midsy is taking a ‘talk is cheap’ attitude:

Sylvia made a lot of money for losing to the two best heavyweights in MMA history (Fedor Emelianenko and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira) in 2008, but since then he hasn’t seemed particularly interested in taking his sport seriously. In 2009 Sylvia showed up out of shape and overweight and embarrassed himself in a loss to Ray Mercer, then won an easy fight against an overmatched opponent named Jason Riley. It’s been almost six months since the Riley fight, and he’s just now talking like someone who wants to get back into the ring. It’s not too late for the 33-year-old Sylvia to make himself relevant in MMA again, but it’s getting close. It’s time for Sylvia to do less tweeting and more fighting.

The first thing Tim has to do is get his head out of his ass and recognize the fact that he’s spent the last three years running his career into the ground, first with a series of infamously terrible decision wins and then with some infamously terrible knockout losses outside. If he’s serious about making a comeback, he better recognize that he’s not worth the money he’s used to making and he’ll have to take a zero off the amount he’s probably been asking for. And probably divide that number by two. And then subtract another 20 grand. You get the idea.